Technology That Brings Out The Fun Factor.

Ford Puma’s range of technologies will transform driving into a serene experience. Its range of ground-breaking automation systems work together to enhance your driving pleasure. Ford Co-Pilot360, with its Adaptive Cruise Control, adjusts your speed based on the driving pace of vehicles ahead, by complying to your pre-set preferences. In-built radar and camera technologies, through the Emergency Steering Assist, allow easy manoeuvring around slow and stopped vehicles to avoid collisions. Change gears as you wish, by choosing between Normal, Sport, ECO, Slippery and Trail from the Selectable Drive Modes.

Parking Made Easy.

Master optimal parking performance with Ford Puma’s Active Park Assist; with a rear-view camera and a screen which displays virtual lines to help you fit into the smallest of spaces and reveal hidden objects. Switch on the Active Park Assist to automatically steer your SUV in or out of parking spaces.

Make Sustainable Driving A Dream Come True.

Make way for the newer, cleaner hybrid technology of the All-New Ford Puma. The advanced EcoBoost hybrid petrol options, with a small electric motor, generates outstanding fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions compared to the standard non-hybrid vehicles. Its regenerative braking system recharges the battery whilst driving. Fuel consumption is reduced through its 6-speed manual transmission, engineered to enhance driving mobility.

A Visual Elegance That Says ‘Watch Me’.

Leather-trimmed seats wrapped in a stylish design, with lumbar support for the front seats and a massage function for increased comfort will enhance your sophisticated look. The dashboard display uses seamless technology with easy-to-read icons, colour changes and high-definition characteristics. Stay connected to your phone, music and GPS systems with simple voice commands.

All Your Space Requirements Met.

Storage options are limitless with the all-new Ford Puma. The back compartment maximises room for larger items, whilst rear seats split to enhance storage space. Hands-free technology allows you to open the back compartment with a gentle foot manoeuvre under the rear bumper with no touch activations required.