Ford's first internal combustion engine came to life on Henry Ford 's kitchen table in 1888. A few years later he founded the Ford Motor Company. And since then we have been synonymous with constant innovation.
When the first Model T was introduced from a Ford factory in Michigan in 1908, it was a revolution. A high-quality, easy-to-handle and affordable car (the Model T cost only $260 - a very reasonable price for that time). Cars were no longer a privilege of the rich. On the contrary, they have become a part of everyday life, allowing ordinary people to enjoy new freedoms.

The innovations weren't Henry's alone. Ford plant workers and managers contributed to the idea of ​​the moving assembly line. Until then, the chassis was at a standstill and workers moved around it, slowly building the car to completion. The assembly line has totally changed the way we work. While it used to take 12 hours to assemble a Model T, the assembly line has reduced that to an hour and a half.

Another innovation that began in Ford factories and spread around the world is the 40-hour workweek in 5 days. Introduced in 1926, it gave workers time back while simultaneously improving productivity. 

This drive for innovation is what sets Ford apart. We're still looking to the future, looking for better ways to do things. It is our identity. 

In the 1960s, Ford Europe was created from the merger of Ford of Britain, Ford Germany and Irish Henry Ford & Son Ltd

His first vehicle was the front-engined Ford Transit van. Introduced in 1965, the Transit instantly became the workers' van of choice. And it has been the best-selling commercial vehicle in most European countries since its launch. 

We have continued to innovate. In 1993, we launched the groundbreaking Ford Mondeo, which quickly garnered numerous awards. We then revolutionized automotive design with Kinetic Design. 

We don't just make cars. We offer mobility solutions for the world we live in. And when the world changes, we change too. 

In the early days of the millennium, we started working on the EcoBoost engine . The goal was to create the most efficient internal combustion engine possible. We succeeded. This innovative, ultra-low emission engine was launched in 2012 and has remained unbeaten in its class ever since. 

Meanwhile, we focused on the next industrial change. We are helping to electrify the world .

The first step involved creating one of the most beautiful all-electric vehicles in the world, the Mustang Mach-E . Soon, all of our iconic models will be electric. 

In 2021, we announced an investment of around 28 billion euros in electrification. On this journey, we want to go as far as possible, as fast as possible. Learn more about our vision for the future .