Ford's new North Star. The values ​​that the Blue Oval has always embodied. Being an American brand means being rebellious. Always evolving. It means not compromising.

What concepts come to mind when thinking about Ford?

We asked some customers the same question at the beginning of this year and the most frequent answers were: quality, innovation, elegance, reliability.

But that's not enough. These are important values, of which we are proud, but which, at the same time, have highlighted a lack of alignment between the passion we feel at Ford for our brand and the more pragmatic vision that customers have of us.

In short, who are we and what do we want our customers to think and feel when they see our logo, our products, our name?

The launch of our first all-electric car, Mustang Mach-E, was the focus of this reflection. It was the start of our electrification journey in Europe, a first example of how we would make electric an icon.

In our DNA we have everything that identifies us as being "American", therefore, rebellious, always evolving, unwilling to compromise.

And that means being guided by the “Adventurous Spirit”, our new guiding star.

“Adventurous Spirit” is the philosophy that will guide our transformation in Europe, to create an emotional connection with consumers who say they know we are Americans, but do not perceive us as such.

You will not find these words in any of our advertisements, brochures or other materials. "Bring on Tomorrow" will continue to be our positioning in the future.

“Adventurous Spirit” is the philosophy that will inspire and give meaning to everything we do, reinforcing our identity, in this phase of renewal of the product range and the customer experience Ford in Europe.

“Adventurous Spirit” is authentic. We are not inventing something new. We're embodying the spirit that has helped define Ford for nearly 120 years. We are drawing on something intangible but real that will help us become the ideal partner for customers in their daily, electric and connected mobility.