SUV Driving Made Cleaner.

The new Ford Kuga’s advanced plug-in hybrid technology uses a combination of battery powered electric motor, together with a petrol engine. Its electric privilege offers additional support to its fuel engine when required, to improve the vehicle’s performance and reduce emissions. Two charging cables are included – one for home charging and another for public charging stations. The Auto-Start-Stop feature automatically switches off the engine, leaving ample supply for other essentials, to cut on unnecessary urban fuel consumption.

Unmatched Driving Experiences Come True.

Let the New Ford Kuga adjust your cruise control speed and provide steering assistance based on road markings. A front camera assists driving through a vibrating system and a warning on your dashboard when wheels touch road lines or edges. Tricky parking is long gone with Active Park Assist; which identifies ideal parking spaces and performs all parking and exit procedures. LED headlights automatically adjust the glow, depending on road movements detected and approaching vehicles.

The Devil Is In The Detail.

Unlock a world of innovative features. Locate your vehicle through advanced remote features, start the engine and adjust the car’s interior climate remotely. Enjoy Ford Kuga’s SYNC 3 to stay connected to your phone, music and GPS systems. Hands-free rear compartment opening is possible with a gentle foot movement under the rear bumper; eliminating key use. Open your world to a panorama roof that floods the interior with natural light or fresh air with a sliding glass. A solar reflective coating ensures the vehicle’s interior remains cool. Charge your devices on the go with Ford Kuga’s wireless charging compartment.

5-Star Safety Procedures In Place.

Camera technology scans the road and activates a warning to avoid pedestrian, vehicles and cyclist collisions. In case of late response, an automatic brake is forced, to eliminate frontal accidents. The All-New Ford Kuga’s Electronic Stability Control detects loss of grip and applies automatic braking to help stabilise it. Should tyres start losing pressure, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System will light up a warning sign to ensure you do not end up with a flat one.

Ticking All The Boxes.

Enhance storage or improve your passenger rides with ease. Slide the rear seats forwards or backwards for more boot space or additional leg room. Transport larger items through the New Ford Kuga’s roof rails, that come in black finish or satin aluminium. With a towing capacity of 2,100kg, Ford Kuga has considerable pulling capabilities. Stow the tow bar out of sight when not in use and electrically pull it out when required.